Teacher Enrichment Lectures

Monday, June 19 - Friday, June 23, 2017

$100 per 5 day course

Price includes t-shirt and is in addition to the $50 family registration fee (discounted $25 if you register before March 1st). 


ISSI is bringing some of the greatest Suzuki teachers in the world right to your front door. You will be able to gain a wealth of knowledge without buying a plane ticket or hotel room. (Out of area teachers are welcome to enroll!)

Paying the $100 class fee will allow you to attend all five days. There will be no partial tuition and no refunds for classes missed. Class maximum is 25 people.

No prerequisites and must be a high school graduate. Free observation of all student classes included with your tuition.

Note: This class is not designed to replace book unit courses. If you are taking one of those at ISSI, you will need your free time for observations. If you do find at ISSI that you could fit one of these courses in your schedule, you can register at that time before the first class.


 Three Octave Fluency Begins in Chorus

with Melissa Thatcher

3:00 p.m. daily

Just as the Bach Double is built up from Twinkles, left-hand technique in the highest positions is built from simple beginnings. In this class open to teachers, Melissa Thatcher will outline an exact path for technique from Book 2 through Tchaikovsky. The result is a clear plan to building all 24 three-octave scales, arpeggios, and double stops painlessly. The book Building Scales; Gaining Three Octave Fluency by Melissa Thatcher (available at ISSI) and instruments are required.


A Glimpse Into the Journey of Developing the Bow Arm - One Bow Exercise at a Time with Cathy Lee

4:00 p.m. daily

Bow exercises are the foundation for bow strokes. Detache-Legato; Sautille-Spiccato and more. Developing a beautiful tone with physical ease whether bowing into or off the string with music excerpts from the Suzuki Violin repertoire. Instruments required and the books Bow Strokes and Bow Stroke Excerpts for Violin by Cathryn Lee. (available at ISSI).